80 Cafe

A Contemporary Cafe in a Frank Gehry Masterpiece.

Brand Strategy, Identity, Web Design

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Project Overview

Honouring Architecture: The Creation of 80 Cafe's Identity.

We were tasked with creating a unique identity for a new cafe situated in a Frank Gehry-designed building. Our challenge was to develop a name that not only reflected the cafe’s modern and innovative spirit but also honoured the distinctive architectural environment in which it resides.

After extensive brainstorming, we settled on the name 80 Cafe. This name was inspired by the construction process of the building itself. Typically, a bricklayer can lay about 140 bricks an hour. However, due to the building’s unique and intricate design, they could only lay 80 bricks per hour. By choosing this name, we aimed to pay homage to the craftsmanship and dedication required to bring such an architectural masterpiece to life.

In addition to the name, we crafted a brand identity that was both bold and simple. Our goal was to create a design that complemented the complexity of Gehry’s architecture without overshadowing it. We focused on simplicity in our branding to ensure it supported and honoured the unique environment of the cafe. The result is a brand that harmonizes with its architectural setting while standing out with its own distinct, modern character.

Project Type:New Brand

Industry: Hospitality

Services:Brand Strategy, Identity, Web Design

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"Dan and his team exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with the name and brand they developed for us. Truly brilliant work."

Andrew Zaf

Andrew Zaf


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