Mentally Healthy – Minimum Standards

We don’t expect our people to be connected to work when on annual, sick or carers’ leave, this includes sending or responding to emails and taking calls. When on leave, you should be having a break and truly disconnecting from work. If you do have critical matters to respond to or be involved in, be disciplined about only engaging in what is necessary.

Our industry can be unpredictable at times. We may ask our people to work on weekends for exceptional projects / pitches. However, we don’t expect our people to do so consistently and will offer time in lieu should this happen. The same goes for significant and continued overtime.

We commit to protecting our people’s privacy if they disclose a mental health condition and to respect an appropriate level of confidentiality.

We support people who disclose mental health issues and commit to not victimising them, discriminating against them or making them feel less for it.

We have zero tolerance for people who do not abide by these standards.

If our people disclose a mental health concern at work, we commit to providing reasonable adjustments to their role or working environment to make allowances for their mental health condition.

We support people who disclose mental health issues and understand where to direct people to benefit from more help.

We provide clarity on priorities and goals so that our people understand how they contribute to the organisation’s success and progress in their role.

We commit to providing workplaces that are psychologically safe and supportive of individual differences.

We commit to ongoing discussions about mental wellness to ensure that it is a normal part of our everyday.

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